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I wait next to my computer all day, just hoping to hear Youve got mail! No one sends me their concerns and writing Shout me a holler on last issues Lampoon has not helped either. In fact, it wasnt the wisest of decisions.... I just dont know how to make a connection with the younger frosh generation. I felt so lonely until one frosh sent me an e-mail. Here it is...

Dear Pete,

Im a 26 year old newspaper reporter, going incognito as a frosh. I was inspired by the movie, Never Been Kissed starring Drew Barrymore to do this. This is my story: The Freshmen Class has been at Watchung Hills for over four months now and these guys surely do have a fast paced life. I overheard some fellow frosh chattering about how they were afraid to get beat up and was astonished to hear one fellow whisper Dont worry. I have protection. I bought the Hulk hands last night at Kay-bee Toys. Ive got the power of the Hulk, and I like it. I later found out that there was nothing to worry about. The people in this school are awesome! Thats about all the information I have gathered in the past four months.if you just read this Im sorry I wasted your time. Dont hate me.

Love, Josh the Frosh P.S. do you have a guest room I can stay in for a few days?


Claiming to be a 27 year old reporter, Josh the Frosh looks more like a 5th grade version of Skriff demanding cookies and getting ready to watch Lizzie Mcguire




Who's this guy? This pic was taken in Kay-bee toys.

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