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The Warrior Lampoon
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Get ready for the Annual Java Jam in January!!! (Exact date will be posted)

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Pasta Dinner Reviews


I am food connoisseur and critic, Tony Danza. You may still remember me from my hit sitcom Whos the Boss? After an unending stream of upsets, I have comforted myself in the world of pasta. I must say, when I walked into a high school pasta dinner, I wasnt expecting much. Turns out the café was beautifully decorated by a crew they call the GLC. Nice going guys! The pasta tasted wonderful too its been the only meal Ive eaten in two months. I dont know why Im writing for this news source. This is when you know your career is over.


Be Cool and stay in school! Dont end up like me. - Words of Wisdom spoken as he dived into the garbage can for leftovers

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