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The Warrior Lampoon
The Crucible

John Proctor- main character who has committed adultery with former house servant, Abigail Williams. He hates hypocrisy and knows that there is no witchcraft in Salem. Overall, a man with good character and morals-save for that one lustful night.
Abigail Williams- the biznatch who has caused all this havoc in Salem. She is the niece of Reverend Parris. She's vindictive and wants to marry John Proctor. Played by Winona Ryder in the movie.
Reverend John Hale- At first he thinks he's some hot shot witchcraft expert until he realizes that only jealously and revenge are in Salem. When John Proctor is called the devil's man, Reverend Hale throws a hissy fit and quits the court.
Elizabeth Proctor- exemplar Puritan women who has not fully forgiven John for his sin.
Judge Danforth- stubborn court judge who is fooled by the girls' pretenses of witchcraft.

Novel starts off with a couple of chicks dancing in the woods led by the black slave Tituba. Reverend Parris finds the girls carousing in the woods with a couldron with strange items inside. He is horrified.
While rumors spread, Abigail commands to her followers that they shouldn't leak a word about what happened in the forest. Proctor shows up and tells Abigail to end this foolishness. Abigail still lusts for Proctor after being fired from his household by his wife, Elizabeth.
Betty, Reverend Parris's daughter, wakes up screaming. Everyone runs up to her room and Reverend Hale-witchcraft expert- examines her and questions Tituba and Abigail. Tituba breaks down and admits to consorting with the devil. Abigal does too and also rattles off names who she has seen with the devil.
A week later, John and Elizabeth discuss the recent events and decide it best to stay out of the whole mess. Mary Warren, their house servant, arrrives telling Elizabeth her name has been mentioned in the witch trials. Revernd Hale shows up out of nowhere and asks some annoying questions, such as to ask John to recite the 10 Commandments. Giles Corey and Francis Nurse, two respectable men in Salem also burst through the door with news that their wives have been taken away by the court. Officers then come to the farmhouse and arrest Elizabeth. John goes on a rampage, slamming his fists on the table, and then bursts in tears (in the movie he does this pretty well... a little bit too well).
Next day John brings Mary to tell the court and Judge Danforth that the girls are lying. The girls do a classic reversal move on Mary which causes her to breakdown. John goes nuts again and then finally claims that Abigail does this only to seek revenge on his wife- he admits his adultery. The court is shunned and John chagrined. Even Reverend Hale feels embarrassed for the poor guy. Judge Danforth, a man of no remorse, questions this by brining Elizabeth to the court. The Judge asks Elizabeth if her husband has commiteed adultery, and in an attempt to save her husband's reputation she lies and says no. The court goes beserk.
The summer has finally passed and autumn is in. The fervor has caused much distraught to neighboring towns as well. Judge Danforth grows nervous, especially when Abigail robs Parris and flees. Hale has quit the court but feels remorse. He begs for those accused to confess to save their lives. Many refuse. He then talks to Elizabeth, to try to convince John to falsely confess(Elizabeth has been pardoned because she's pregnant). John first agrees and signs a confession paper. The Judge smirks until John takes it and rips it. He and the others are sent to the gallows later that day and killed.

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