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The Warrior Lampoon
The Scarlet Letter

Hester Prynne- protagonist and the wearer of the scarlett letter. She married an old scholar called Chillingworth back in good 'ole England but was sent over to America first. While waiting for him, she got it in on with a Puritan priest- Dimmesdale. She gave birth to a strange little girl named Pearl.
Pearl- illegit kid who is pretty moody, a little bit too moody. She is pretty intelligent in that she can put the pieces together that Dimmesdale is her father. The community shuns her as well, believing her true father is the devil.
Roger Chillingworth- he an old intellect who loved reading more than his wife. On his was to the New World he was captured some Natives. When he arrives in Boston he sees his wife and the little girl on the town scaffold. He feels ashamed and wants revenge.
Dimmesdale- the eloquent Puritan minister known for his "holiness." This guy macked it to Hester and will forever feel the burden.

Super brief Summary:
The novel starts off with some narrator going through some boxes in a customs house in Salem. He finds some manuscripts and a scarlet patch with a golden letter "A".
Hester and Pearl are taken from the prison to the scaffold for public mortification. The crowd discusses how she committed adultery with an unknown man while her husband was "lost at sea." Her daughter, Pearl, was a result of this. While on the scaffold, Hester's husband is in the crowd taking the alias Roger Chillingworth, medicine practicioner.
Several years pass, Hester and Pearl live in the outskirts of the Boston town. Hester has supporter herself and her daughter by working as a streamstress. Town officials try to take away Pearl from her until Reverend Dimmesdale, popular figure and eloquent speaker convines otherwise. Dimmesdale has developed a strange heart condition, which Chillingworth emphatically offers to help. The two live in each others company and Chillingworth discovers that Dimmesdale is Pearl's father.
Dimmesdale is on the brink of insanity, and one day Hester and Pearl see him on top of the town scaffold, asking forgiveness of his sins. The three then hold holds and ask forgivess together. It is noted that a metero marks a scarlet "A" in the sky.
Hester and Dimmesdale meet in the forest (symbolizing evil and wildness) and decide to flee to Europe to start a new life. The day prior to the leaving of their ship, Dimmesdale delivers another sermon. Chillingworth, who basically stalks the two, has learned that the two are trying to escape. When Dimmesdale meets with Hester and Pearl the very same day, he impetuously confesses his sins. He then falls to the wooden scaffold and dies.
Chillingworth's life is over. He had dedicated it to the torture of Dimmesdale. Now that Dimmesdale's life is over, his is also. He dies a year later. Hester and Pearl move out of Boston and not much is ever heard from her again. Several years later Hester returns to her old cottage. Pearl has married an European aristocrat and has her own family. She writes occasionaly to her mother. Hester dies and is buried next to Dimmesdale. The two share a tomb engraved with the letter "A."

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