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The Warrior Lampoon
How to Fit In

In the past couple of months, I realized in order to connect with the student body, Id have to keep them entertained. So to trick you into reading the Lampoon, Ill deliver the facts you can remember and the jokes you can steal. This column is about one reoccurring theme in every students mind How to Fit it

1) BRING 80s BOOMBOX AND PLAY GOOD MUSIC By bringing in such a boombox and playing it on your shoulder displays both class and boldness a two-hit combo to fit-in. Recommended music should include Vanilla Ice and Kenny G classics.

2) WATCH STEP-BY-STEP/FAMILY MATTERS Watch these reruns on TNT or TBS. Franks utterly stupid adult-nephew, Cody, was considered a teen heart throb while Steve Urkel is just cool. Emulate their every move.

3) BECOME LOVABLE CHUBSTER All schools need that the lovable, quick-witted chubster always cracking those jokes while receiving the good natured banter about his weight. Although this causes him to slowly fall apart inside, developing emotional problems and low self-esteem, he cloaks it with forced jubilance, which makes him lovable!

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