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The Warrior Lampoon
A Separate Peace

Gene- This is the main character of the book. He's pretty much a psycho and is pretty paranoid too. He believes throughout the novel that his best buddy Finny is trying to sabotage his goals of becoming class Val (#1).
Finny- Pretty much the hot shot at the Devon School. He gets away with anything, including wearing pink polo shirts and wearing the school tie as a belt. His character may remind you of Zach Morris. He's a super athlete as well and just loves achievement. In the novel, the reader can draw up the conclusion that Finny is somewhat self-absorbed. He makes people (Gene) do things that they don't really want to with his charm.
Leper- This character is pretty strange. He's in love with nature and in the novel you read that he's does cross-country skiing in the background while everyone else is shoveling the railroad tracks. He's the oldest at Devon and is the first to enlist in the army. You can see this guy as a potential stalker, as he envies the relationship that Finny and Gene has.
Brinker- this is a straitlaced chap who is also a class politician. After Finny shatters his leg, this guy becomes top dog. He adheres to the rules and is always on the quest for justice.
Cliff Quakenbush- Just by his last name you know the guy is a tool. He's the head manager for the crew team and thinks he's a hot shot. Basically you hate the kid when you read the novel.
Chet Douglas- He's a secondary character who is also aspiring to be class Val. He's naturally intelligent and is an awesome tennis and trumpet player.
Mr. Ludsbury- How can we describe the master in charge of gene's dorm? hmm.. well he's pretty stern and works hard to gain the boys' obedience.
Dr. Stanpole- this is the resident doctor at Devon school. At first he may seem like a pretty nice guy, caring after Finny and all. You later hate this guy since this goof messed on placing Finney's broken leg. He causes Finney to die.
Mr.Patch-Withers- this guy reminds me of the 3rd grade bus driver. He's speeds on the bumps so the kids go flying. He's a relaxed guy and also reminds me of Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell. He pretty much cracks bad jokes and makes the students feel pretty uncomfortable. He's the headmaster at the Devon school during summer sessions.

The setting takes place at the Devon School in New Hampshire. Gene Forrester-class nerd, mediocre athlete, and envious booger is best friends with roomate Finny. Foolhardy Finny and Gene decided to jump off this tree into a river. This is usually only for the older students at the Devon School who are about to be recruited into the army. This stunt ends up becoming a ritual for a secret society the boys form.
Gene incorrectly suspects that Finny is trying to sabotage his academic goals by distracting him with games such as "blitzball" (modern day kill-the-carrier). He thinks this because Finny is not as smart as he is and he is trying to become his superior. Later on Gene realizes through Finny's actions that he has suspected Finny of something that was totally off the mark. Finny really likes Gene and isn't trying to sabotage him. The two become closer and in sparknotes they actually mention that they might be gay... as in homosexual.
One night when the two are about to start off the society's meeting with their jumping off the tree, Gene's knees bend and causes the branch to shake. Finny loses his balance and crashes to the ground. The reader doesn't really know whether Gene did this purpose. Personally, I think he did.
Finney's leg is shattered and his atheletic days are over. When the Dr. tells Gene this, he is overwhelmed with guilt and begins to cry. He wants to confess to Finney that he is the cause. However, when he is about to, the Dr. comes in and tells Gene to leave.
The summer session at Devon is over, and the new school year begins again. World War II is going full throttle and many of the boys consider enlisting. Brinker, a straitlaced classs politician, asks Gene to enlist with him. Gene agrees. However, that night Finny returns to school and Gene decides not to enlist anymore. Finny believes that the war is just some scheme by fat old men to keep the younger generation in place.
The Devon boys later learn that Leper, a quiet and nature loving boy, has enlisted. This makes the war seem that much real to the boys. Brinker, always on the quest for justice begins to question Gene's committment to Finny. He believes that he intentionally shook the tree branch. Brinker subpoenas Finny and Gene to a makeshift trial and question the boys. The two boys try to play it off until Leper appears. Leper had gone AWOL- he deserted and has become crazy. He testifies that Gene shook the branch intentionally. Finny doesn't want to hear it and runs away- he falls down the stairs and breaks his leg again.
Gene sneaks to infirmary to check up on his buddy who has lost faith in him. The next morning, Gene sees Finny and takes full responsibility for the tradegdy. The boys reconcile and Finny tells Gene to visit him in the afternoon after his operation. The two then part their ways.
Gene returns in the afternoon and the doctor tells him the Finny died. While setting the bones back into place, marrow escaped into the bloodstream and went straight to the heart. Finny died instantly. Gene doesn't cry, which makes the reader wonder if Gene is somewhat happy. Yet later, he mentions as if he has lost part of himself. He contemplates the past year and the hatred which is deep rooted in every humans heart-save for Finny.

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