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The Warrior Lampoon
Spears Marries Guy from Seinfeld

LAS VEGAS- Pop star, Britney Spears, got married on the weekend in Vegas. Initial news reports identified the groom as Jason Alexander, a childhood friend of Spears. But it later transpired that she had married the much older and much uglier Jason Alexander from Seinfeld.
"I think it was all the free chicken she could eat that did the trick," Alexander quipped, referring to his job as spokesperson for Kentucky Fried Chicken. "She's just a country girl at heart when you get down to it."

The new Mrs. Alexander gushed that she had been a fan of her new husband ever since she was a child and watched all of his episodes on the Seinfeld show.

"...I guess you could say that's when I did ... fall in love with him." - incorrectly quoted Britney. After once thinking he was a great actor in Seinfeld, I realized he didn't have much acting to do. His personality is very similiar to "George Constanza's." He calls me up at work all the time, which really bugs me. When I get back home, he is always lying on the couch in his white tighty-whiteys, either always eating KFC with mayo dip or just sticks of butter. 

Jason Alexandar's only reply- " I'm the man."


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