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The Warrior Lampoon
Non-School Related

Disclaimer! In this part of The Lampoon, names, places and events are generally fictitious. All contents are intended as parody and should be taken as such. So before taking and citing us in court, realize that this portion of The Lampoon does not represent the school in any way. All content encompassed is not meant to be offensive in manner. If you wish to leave this part click below The Warrior Lampoon

LAST UPDATE: December 7th

Call Out Forum

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Lampoon Notes
What's this~ WHRHS student Cliff Notes!
So Lampoon Notes are basically the sparknotes of cliffnotes. Tommorow is the test, you've read only the back cover and even Cliffnotes seem to long. No problem, we've you covered with Lampoon Notes.


Observations, by Pete Fu

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